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Andra Heart Shopping

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for david

Ten years ago today, when I dropped off the girls at day care, the front office gal told me someone bombed the pentagon.  I thought she was drinking her breakfast, and ignored her.  Turns out, it was so much worse than that.

The only person I had a connection to who died, was David Suarez who was a Deloitte employee. I didn’t know him, but because I love Deloitte, I sent a contribution in his name.  His mother wrote me a thank you.  And while that was so many years ago, she inspired me to write thank yous when I didn’t want to, because I was so touched by her thoughtfulness all those years ago.

Today, I am thinking of David. I made a contribution to his scholarship fund.  I wrote his mother a letter.  Today’s andra heart giving is for David.

Dave Suarez