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helping hearts at diamond childrens

For Andra’s birthday, I sent cupcakes to the good people at Diamond Childrens who cared for us in those awful days in October.  I am certain they were awful days for the dozens, literally dozens, of people who put all their hearts into trying to save Andra for us.  We are grateful they tried so hard.


Andra Heart Shopping

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for david

Ten years ago today, when I dropped off the girls at day care, the front office gal told me someone bombed the pentagon.  I thought she was drinking her breakfast, and ignored her.  Turns out, it was so much worse than that.

The only person I had a connection to who died, was David Suarez who was a Deloitte employee. I didn’t know him, but because I love Deloitte, I sent a contribution in his name.  His mother wrote me a thank you.  And while that was so many years ago, she inspired me to write thank yous when I didn’t want to, because I was so touched by her thoughtfulness all those years ago.

Today, I am thinking of David. I made a contribution to his scholarship fund.  I wrote his mother a letter.  Today’s andra heart giving is for David.

Dave Suarez