request postcards (click here)

if you would like to request postcards, to use to send us back stories of the good deeds of andra’s heart, please email your mailing address to

9 thoughts on “request postcards (click here)

  1. Hello, Dalrymple family,I have 3 nieces who are moms of little girls, ages 20 months to 3 years. They have always been close to their AZ auntie, so of course, I told them about Andra and the inspiration she is –and that all of you are! They, too, were very moved by the meditation you included in Andra’s memorial service. I wanted you to know that Andra heart is active and joyful in Tacoma, WA, Madison, NJ, and Denver, CO. We are all including Andra’s plans for a better world in our Christmas giving this year. sent with love,Chris Ducsai

  2. Could you please let me know how to get some postcards if they are still available? I can pick them up or send postage.

  3. Dear Dalrymple Family, It’s Gabby! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and how great a person Andra was. I have decided to continue her plan to save the world. I am going to put up a website for it and I am going to try to get President Obama to help support me in my efforts. I plan on letting my friends know about it so that they can help me to be successful. I will let you know the details for the website and my other plans when i have them. Love and Peace to you all, Gabby Klein

  4. Hello, My name is Jamie. I live in Tucson, Az.I think that it is wonderful what your family is doing. I am positive Andra is looking down from haven and she is so proud of her family. You are a inspiration to us all..

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  6. Dear Phil, Jenine and Grace, We are thinking of you all and are sending our love every day in prayer, thoughts and best wishes. Andra lifts us to contribute our best every day. We love you all very much.Los Wilsons-Gary, Beverly, Zoie, Lexi.

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